Monday, April 16, 2018

Original Contemporary Mirrors: Kids and Baby Mirrors for child's room and nursery

The last articles were dedicated to contemporary mirrors: the Original Contemporary Mirrors , Contemporary Suprematism Mirrors, Eco-friendly Mirrors and Classic Mirrors. It's post
allow you to rapidly overview various type of modern mirrors for kids in child's room and nursery decoration to create an entire final interior. Evocative of reflection of reality with contemplation, sincerity and harmony, some mirror can became the focal point of the children’s room. If you try to discover a new source of childhood style inspiration or look for awesome kids-style mirror for your projects you may use this post with a great number of original kids and baby mirrors for child's room and nursery: wall-mounted, round and square mirrors, free-form, strict and funny mirrors, mysterious and fun. Among them Pottery Barn Kids Mirrors, Malabar Mirros, Arkof Labodesign Mirrors, Silvano Grifoni, Ponte Giulio, Cantori, Ariannasoldati Mirrors, Adriani e Rossi Edizioni, Ligne Roset and Bontempi Mirrors, Tonin Casa, Bizzotto, Kare Design Mirrors, POLaRT, Veronese, Grange Mirrors, Lago Mirrors, Glas Italia, Altreforme, Chouette Fabrique, Opinion Ciatti Mirrors, Theodore Alexander Mirrors, Gentry Home, Gallotti&Radice, Tacchini Edizioni, Longhi, B-Line, Tolix, Mirabili, LAS Mirrors, Reflections Copenhagen and so on. It's all funny, cute, amusing, original, mysterious mirrors. There are mirrors for every taste and all requirements: ultra-modern kid's mirrors with minimalistic lines and light design, traditional classic, eco-style kid's mirrors, funny elegant mirrors for children and even terrifiing ))

Arkof Labodesign Mirrors

Spring by Gallotti&Radice

Winderly Mirror by Tonin Casa, wall-mounted mirror

Tangram Mirrors by Lago, Daniele Lago design

Rectangular wall-mounted plexiglass mirror Ibis by Mirabili

Round bathroom mirror for children by Ponte Giulio

Nuvola and Guanto Mirrors by Altreforme

Color Mirrors by Chouette Fabrique

Oponce MIrror by Ligne Roset

Sunrise by Kare Design

Cantori Aquilone Mirror

Pottery Barn Kids Mirrors

Fiorellino white by Kare Design

Romantico Mirror by Kare Design

Royal Mirror Mirror by Kare Design

POLaRT Mirrors

Tolix Mirror

Settecento от Glas Italia

Wall-mounted Mirrors by Veronese

LAS Mirrors

Glas Italia Mirrors

Convex Mirror by Altreforme

Oskar by B-Line

Wall-mounted Mirror Tony by Ideas Group

Caio Mirror by Bontempi

Round wall-mounted Ura Mirror by Ligne Roset

Round wall-mounted mirror Bela Big by DAM

Baxter Bamako Mirror

Kare Design Skull Mirror

Theodore Alexander Talbert Mirror

Dorian Mirror By Tacchini Edizioni

Crochet Mirror by Malabar

Super Star Mirror by Reflections Copenhagen

Mirror by Opinion Ciatti

Ariannasoldati Mirror

Pandora by Bizzotto

Graydon by Longhi, design by Giuseppe Iasparra

Silvano Grifoni Mirror

Selfie Mirror by Adriani e Rossi Edizioni

Jacob Mirror by Grange

Greenery Mirror by Adriani e Rossi Edizioni

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