Thursday, April 19, 2018

Contemporary Mirrored Furniture

The last articles were dedicated to contemporary mirrors: the Original Contemporary Mirrors , Contemporary Suprematism MirrorsEco-friendly Mirrors and Classic Mirrors, Kids and Baby Mirrors for child's room and nursery. It's post allow you to rapidly overview various type of stylish modern mirrored furniture. A successful, elegant and bright design element appearing in many professionally decorated interiors is a furniture finished with mirrored surfaces brightens any space with flickering light. The reflective surface gives a sense of greater space and more light forms.  Almost any type of interior-style can be finished in this way, and you will find mirrored furniture for sale in many stores. Among them Casamilano, Longhi, Neiman Marcus, OAK Design, Meridiani, Opera Contemporary, Vidame Creation, Malabar, Reflections Copenhagen, Porada, Kristina Dam Studio, Glas Italia, Reflex Angelo, BD Barcelona Design and Jaime Hayón, Theodore Alexander, Gallotti&Radice, Pottery Barn, Garda Decor, Tonin Casa, Minacciolo, Regina Andrew, Kare Design, Gianfranco Ferré Home, Mirror Cabinet by Softhouse and so on.

Neiman Marcus Felix Four-Door Mirrored Console

Neiman Marcus Regina Andrew Design Quinlan Mirrored Writing Desk

Dawson Dining Table With Terrific Dining Room Style

The Romantic Mirrored Cabinet by Theodore Alexander

Bryant Square coffee table By Casamilano

Ludwig Diamond Cabinet by Meridiani

Longhi Amadeus Mirrored Glass Coffee Table

Distorting Mirror By Vidame Creation by Julien Vidame

Trinity by Malabar

Mirror Cabinet by Softhouse

Mirror Table by Kristina Dam Studio

Mirror Chair by Glas Italia

Diamond Table by Reflections Copenhagen

Prisma Console Table by Kare Design

Harlekin by Reflections Copenhagen

Gallotti&Radice Coffe Table

Garda Decor Mirrored Chest

Heaven Earth Sideboard by Kare Design

Reflex Angelo Chest

Genevieve Table by Opera Contemporary

Howard Screen Gianfranco Ferré Home

Porada Empire Mirrors Chest

Vaso Showtime by BD Barcelona Design by Jaime Hayón

Glass highboard, Mobile 6 by OAK Design

Seguret Mirrored Wardrobe by Minacciolo

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