Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Minimalist interior design: modern solutions of lighting

I've noted noted a general growth of interest in minimalist interior design recent years. So I would like to share some samples of modern solutions of lighting and minimalist interiors whitch I particularly like. Among them: Lambert & Fils, Flos, Axolight, Martinelli Luce, PER-USE, Kundalini, Kevin Reilly, Massproductions, d'Armes, ANDlight, Sanwa Company and so on.

Modern Zen, New York, United States

Sawaru by Flos

Axolight U-Light 160

Seaside Abode, Denmark

ANDlight at Euroluce and Archiproducts Milano 2019

EO 01 by Sanwa Company

Hartau Double by d'Armes

Manto - designed by Davide Besozzi for Axolight

Orbit by ANDlight

IC Light S2 by Flos

Loop Square by Martinelli Luce

Mile 02 by Lambert & Fils

Pattern by Kevin Reilly

Jewel by Axolight

Slab by ANDlight

Lanna Table Lamp by Kundalini

Spotlight Volumes by ANDlight

CHAMFER Marble table lamp by PER-USE

Minimal Lamp by Kundalini

MG House, Israel

String Light Cone Pendant Cone by Flos

Colibri by Martinelli Luce

An immersive installation by Benjamin Hubert for Cosentino

Friday, January 25, 2019

Minimalist Urban Retreat

3d visualisation, conceptual design project of Minimalist Urban Retreat

Minimalist Living Room

Modern Minimalist Dining room


Variation of Dining room and Kitchen

The third variation of Dining room and Kitchen

Minimalist Urban Retreat Hall

Minimalist Urban Retreat Bedroom

Minimalist Urban Retreat Bedroom WC

Variations of Minimalist Bedroom and WC

Minimalist Style Child room

Minimalist Style Nursery variations

Minimalist Style Nursery Bathroom

Variation of Minimalist Style Nursery Bathroom

The following furniture and lighting manufacturers have been used to prepare the sketch visualisations: Allied Maker, Neal Aronowitz, Meridiani, Studiotwentyseven, Woven, Fiam, Studio Twenty Seven, Oliver Gustav, Luceplan, Baxter furniture, MDF Italia, B&B Italia, Ivano Redaelli and so on. Modern Minimalist Sitting room, Minimalist Living Room, Minimalist Bedroom, Minimalist Kitchen, Minimalist Style of Dining room, Minimalist Style Bathrooms, Minimalist Style Nursery, Minimalist Style Child room / Darya Girina 3d visualization