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Branches and trunks in modern furniture design and interior design

Hello everybody, it's my Christmas post which is devoted to the theme of trees branches and trunks in modern furniture design and interior design as well.

The essence of plants, their amazing beauty and unlimited individuality has always been perennial spring for inspiration for designers and artists. Representation of plant world is a major part of human culture. Plant theme is embedded in all human ways of life, especially religion and arts. We meet plants everywhere: ornamental reliefs of ancient cultural artefacts including architectural cult buildings, monumental arts (mosaics, frescoes, stained-glass windows ect.), medieval manuscript painting (the so-called illuminated pages of manuscripts), jeweller's art and folk arts, tapestries, rugs and carpets, fabrics with printer's flower, sculptures, furniture, cold arms, heraldic symbols, blazonry, emblems, logotypes, cards, production of industrial design and so on. The culmination of aesthetic dominant of plant forms in fine arts was modern age (well-known as Art Nouveau, Jugendstil and so forth) at the end of 19th and start of 20th century. First of all masterpieces of William Morris, Alphonse Mucha, Antoni Gaudí, Fernand Khnopff, Henry Clemens van de Velde, Aubrey Beardsley, Gustav Klimt, Leon (Lev) Bakst, Ivan Bilibin, Valentin Serov ect. are called to mind.

The peculiar genre in the area of naturalistic design ideas is a representation and interpretation of the anatomy of trees, their branches and crowns. This visual poetry tries to make a reality the wealth and subtlety and refinement of nature. The form of tree is immemorial, multidimensional, have a deep symbolic meaning. Trees are associated with the structure of the world, it's axis (imago et axis mundi), Divinity, Tree of the Universe, fertility, evolution and progress, longevity, wisdom, health, medicative power, immortality, source of life, motherhood, unity, grandeur, transmigration of souls and so on.

A wonderful union of tree's beauty with mathematics and scientific and technological advance is a striking similarity of branches with fractals. Fractals are mathematical set that exhibits a repeating self-similar patterns that display at every scale. The example of that natural phenomenon are trees, flowers and leafs, corals, sea stars and shell, fruits and so forth.

The heritage of modern age art in combination with philosophical ideas and aesthetic tradition of modernism became productive environment for industrial design of the 20th century. Inexhaustible muse of nature plants inspires both famous designers and young authors as well. The arabesque laces of tree brunches and trunks have a vivid expression in classic timeless furniture as well as in ultra-modern furniture and interior design. The vivid polar examples can be presented by Roche Bobois and Vaughan Lighting, Ginger&Jagger and Joris Laarman, Ashley Childers (Emporium Home) and Knoll International, Baker Furniture and Boconcept, Lindsey Adelman and Neiman Marcus and so on.

In this article I collected my favorite patterns of furniture, lighting, graceful accessories ect. related to the plant trunks and branches theme, examples of midwinter trees, natural mosaics of leaves in interior design. Pendants and sconces with tree branches, console tables with thicket base, sculptural branches of mirror frames, wallpapers  patterned with branches bring an original organic vibe to the interior design. Among  them Olystudio, Roche Bobois, Corbett Lighting, Vaughan Lighting, Pieter Adam , Ginger&Jagger, William Yeoward, Serip, Joris Laarman, Blue Nature , Emporium Home, Knoll, Restoration Hardware, Baker, Boconcept, Lindsey Adelman, Thonet, Neiman Marcus, Ligne Roset and more over. I hope you'll get a real aesthetic pleasure and use this beautiful samples in your future creative projects ))

Currey&Company Elwynn Bench

Regina Andrew Gilded Driftwood Desk Lamp

Neiman Marcus Eight-Light Iron-Twig Chandelier

Corbin Bronze Tree Branch Table

Magma Chandelier by Cox London

Branches Mirror By Hervé van der Straeten

Branch Agate Chandelier from designer Ashley Childers for Emporium Home

Ginger & Jagger Magnolia Sideboard

Herve Van Der Straeten Lustre Branche

Koket Enchanted Side Table

Jonathan Adler Wyldwood Stool

Global Views Twig Mirror Brass

Visual Comfort Aspen Floor Lamp

Joris Laarman Branch Bookshelf

Currey&Company Midwinter Table Lamp

Kathy Kuo Home Bijou Tree Branch Hollywood Regency Brass Bronze Ceiling Pendant Lamp

Rye Beach Hollywood Regency Black Silver Branch Entertainment Media Cabinet

Baker Living Room Dorada Side Table

Koket Enchanted Contemporary Sofa

Side Table by Hervé van der Straeten

Pieter Adam Twiggy Wall Sconce

Borghese by Noe Duchaufour Lawrance

Kathy Kuo Home Rustic Carved Sculpted Iron Tree 6 Arm Candleholder

William Yeoward Valadon Sideboard table

Currey&Company Rainforest Chandelier

Paula Swinnen Branch Design Console Table

Oly Studio Twig Mirror

Light Making by Lindsey Adelman Studio

Serip Organic Lighting Bijout Collection

Robert Kuo Gold Twig Floor Lamp

Global Views Twig Candle Holder Brass Large

Buy the Ginger & Jagger Fig Tree Console Table

David Wiseman Collage Side Table

Global Views Lamps and Lighting Twig Electrified Wall Sconce-Brass

Baker Arbor Floor Light

Villiers Brothers Wayside Coffee Table

Adonis Pauli Tree of Life

Vaughan Neptune Lantern

Pieter Adam Twiggy Hanging Lamp

Vaughan Designs Twig Wall Lights

Vincent half-round table from Oly Studio

Vincent side table in antiqued grey faux bois resin from Oly Studio

Contemporary Crestview Collection Twisted Branch Gray Table Lamp

The Gnarled Vine Console by Cox London for Rose Tarlow Melrose

Ginger & Jagger Primitive Console

Koket Enchanted Round Dining Table

Paula Swinnen Branch Design Coffee Table

Baker Kim Table Lamp

Crate & Barrel Ankara Chair

Currey&Company Arbor Bench

Ginger & Jagger Magnolia Sideboard

Global Views Berries Mirror Brass

Hudson Furniture Bangle Dining Table

Roche Bobois Saga

Wewood Tree Armchair

Back to Branch Bookshelf by Olivier Dollé

Roche Bobois Mangrove Contemporary Sideboard by M. Fumagalli

Bleu Nature Lighting

Gabby Furniture Merrill Side Table

Global Views Lamps and Lighting Fat Nickel Twig Table Lamp

Arteriors Nantucket Side Table

Reflex Angelo Onis Buffet Sideboard

Aspire Home Accents Aluminum Tree Branch Wall Mirror

Joris Laarman Bone Chairs

Joris Laarman Branch Bridge Table

John Briscella The Throne of Paris

Patrick Jouin Solid Chair

Fernando & Humberto Campana Original Design Metal Armchair

Lindsey Adelman Branching Bubbles

Heracleum from Bertjan Pot for Moooi

Angkor Table Collection by Olivier Dollé

Made Goods Gerald Bookshelf

Edra Corallo Bed

La Chance Borghese Collection Coffee table design by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Nosigner Arborism

Metal Branch Table Lamp from Crestview Collection

Jewellery tree from BoConcept

Extension Chair with coathanger by Sjoerd Vroonland for Moooi

Ligne Roset Under My Tree lamp by Florian Brillet

Coral Pendant Light by Pallucco

Platform Wertel Oberfell and Matthias Bar Fractal Table

Knoll Petal Table (detail) by Richard Schultz

Bonaldo Kadou Coffee Tables

Angkor Coffee Table by Olivier Dolle

Robert Kuo Cream Lacquer Tree Trunk Half Moon Table

Thicket Antique Silver Round Marble Side Table

Cappellini Branch Round Table

Bonaldo Viento Chairs

Bonaldo Kadou Ryosuke Fukusada

Dror Benshetrit Vase of Phases

Bleu Nature Volskar Floor Lamp

Restoration Hardware Winter Wonderland Tree

Serip Organic Lighting Aqua Collection

Amass by Benjamin Hubert

Casadeco Collection Riverside Wallpaper

Schöner Wohnen Wallpaper with natural pattern blue sweat branches twigs

Cole & Son Woods and Pears

Rasch Tapete Easy Passion

Werner Aisslinger “Home of the Future”


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