Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Lighting in interior design: modelling of shapes and construction of architectural space with different types of lighting. Part One.

Lighting is the most important aspect of interior design as it a unique way to visual creates and transformation of construction of architectural space and architectural elements. Lighting is a primary instrument to influence the human physical perception and feelings. Perception of natural lighting of the Sun, geographical and daily position of the Sun, cloudy weather or even the Moon are deeply in the nature of human. Using natural lighting possibilities with combine of artificial light sources provide an aesthetic appeal and create the mood and ambiance of space. Using different types of lighting is like a script in cinema and theatrical productions. Lighting provides an opportunity to create an optical changes of physical elements of basic architectural construction and even optical illusions.
On the one side, lighting fixtures that illuminate a living space create a safe and comfortable environment besides adding some style to interior decor. But sometimes unexpected experimental lighting of public space creates absolutely cosmic illusions, can make you feel close to God or on another planet )) But on the other side lighting can easy make or break the ambiance of an architectural space. Sometimes this is the purpose of the light installation art or a way to complicate an original architectural project.

Zaha Hadid architects

Bridge of Aspiration Wilkinson Eyre Architects Images by Alex Robertson Twisting high above Floral Street in Covent Garden

Special Mention in the First Work Category: Cultural Center by Olga Felip Ordis

Gallery of Harbin Opera House

Art and Architecture / Tadao Ando: The Master of Light

Tokujin Yoshioka - a window installation of 500 crystal prisms refracting light

Interior by Frantisek Kudivani

Another view of the Novy Dvur monastery by John Pawson. Photo by Stale Eriksen.

Room for art in Zumikon


San Pellegrino Factory and Headquarters in Northern Italy

Licht und Sound vom mexikanischen Kreativteam Cocolab

R. Wagner "DER FLIEGENDE HOLLAENDER" Regia, scene e costumi Yannis Kokkos Teatro Comunale di Bologna Photography by Primo Gnani.

Taizhou contemporary art museum by Atelier Deshaus nears completion in China

Model Architecture Forma / Sagrada Kevin Esala

Best lighting art installation forests 52 ideas

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