Monday, October 19, 2015

Project of Interiors at Private House (Moscow region)/ Таунхаус Бакланово в Подмосковье

Project of Interiors at Private House (Moscow region): various interiors of Holl, Lobby, Sitting Room and Dining zone. 3D design and visualisation in the design phase of a project. Architect as Project Manager - Ekaterina Avdeeva.
These modern classic interiors are decorated with refined beige, milky, cinnamon, chocolate colors with vivid colour accent details (expressive burgundy, mustard and turquoise colors) and combine modern furniture and classic works of art. The inviting interior is accentuated by comfortable lighting with multiple combination and classic decorations of walls and ceilings. The design combines calm classic style shapes with contemporary furniture and fusion style mood. It's not a static design but spontaneously developing and informal live-style approach to creating interiors. And its inhabitants can live for many years without changing anything ))

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