Monday, October 26, 2015

Children Lighting ideas for Interior Design

Working on Child Room (Nursery) interior design we always need to add a some lighting and lamps with specific vivid color accent or soft tint to create whole interior in one color gamut and style. Color and shape with decoration - is a foundation of visual perception of interior by humans. Lights and colors in interior design is a universal language in artist conversation with children audience.
Lighting systems of kids interior has to be comfortable, energy efficient and eco-friendly and has to expand child's representation of the physical properties of the world, has to develop observation, the ability to compare, analyze, synthesize, to develop self-reliance, initiative, kindness, resourcefulness, courage, creativity, responsibility and so on.
In this article I have collected a great varieties of modern samples of children's lighting and lamps, among them Rothschild & Bickers, Labware, Brokis, Bella Figura, Karman, Jake Phipps, Innermost, Charles Edwards, Pallucco, Baga, International Studio, Chiaro, Collier Webb, Patrizia Garganti, Marjorie Skouras Design, Hudson Valley, Rakumba, Arteriors Home, Kolarz, Lightstar, Lumisource, Moooi, Cappellini, Pallucco, Regina Andrew, Brokis Memory, Bella Vetro, Ingo Maurer , Brand van Egmond, Jamie Iacoli & Brian McAllister, Marcelo Dabini & Nadia Corsaro and many others.
You may also visit the following link concerning kids furniture, interior constructions for nursery, interior decorations, accessories, mobile and toys: Children Furniture and Accessories.

Charles Edwards Butterfly Globe

Ingo Maurer Johnny b.butterfly

Karman Wow

Dionysus Chandelier by Arteriors Home

Jeeves Hat Lamp by Jake Phipps for Innermost

Innermost launch colourful Snowdrop

Baga Patrizia Garganti Bespoke Sinuosa

Bella Vetro Chianti Chandelier

Brand van Egmond Lola Chandelier

Rothschild & Bickers Lighting

Handblown Glass Lighting by Rothschild & Bickers

Crystal Rock from Arik Levy

Loft Pendant Series Rakumba

Tsunami Glassworks Lava Drops

Jar RGB by Arik Levy for Lasvit

Bella Figura: Romanelli Chandelier with tall drum shades - Venetian Glass Collection

LumiSource Woopsy Table Lamp

Ideal Lux Violette

Spindle Pendant Group by Rothschild & Bickers

Sigma Elle Due MAY2011 7184

Beautiful semi-precious stone chandeliers by Marjorie Skouras Design

Sigma Elle Due MAY2011 Z 536

Brand van Egmond Night Watch Wall Light

Slamp Lui

Karman Deja Vu Wall Light

Retro Hector Owl Ceramic Table Lamp (Inspiring Hector Finch)

Hudson Valley Sweeny Collection Capitol Lighting

Chiaro Ella

Coral Pendant Light by Pallucco

Pendant lamp Emilia by Marcelo Dabini & Nadia Corsaro

Paper Patchwork Chandelier by Studio Job for Moooi

Slamp Supermorgana

Regina Andrew Pattern Makers Gold Chandelier

Serip CT3196 6

Collier Webb Sputnik Ceiling Light

Brokis Memory Pendant Lamps

Meltdown от Johan Lindsten for Cappellini

Marcelo Dabini Lighting

View Zero RGB Pendant Light

Plain Clay Pendant Light DH PH

Nellcote Studio Moroccan Hanging Beads

Labware Lucca Pendant

Mason Jar Banner Lights Rainbow Colored 8 Pint Jars

Varaluz Urchin Yellow Mini Pendant

Leds Clay Ring DHPH

Lumisource Nessie Table Lamp

Varaluz 232P01RT Pendant Light

Come On, LED's Go! DH PH

Jamie Iacoli & Brian McAllister Chandelier

Kolarz Palmanova

Lightstar 892068 Stella

Apollo S4 Modular Ceiling Lampshade by International Studio

Motif Pendant Series Rakumba

Geometry-8 Pendant Series Rakumba

Youkaidi Jalousie

Bang Boom by Ingo Maurer

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