Friday, December 21, 2012

Pop-art inspiration in modern industrial design

Pop-art and his original expressiveness is inexhaustible rich source of inspiration in contemporary design for key world brands, furniture manufacturers and industrial designers. The wholesome union of inheritage of postmodernism, high-tech and conceptual ideas of information society give rise to striking masterpieces full of irony and unexpected visual metaphors and curious references.
Usually they are not just utilitarian items, but also an independent art object, as well as a kind of message for a viewer or interesting semantic emphasis of some interior concept.
I’m planing to devote a small series of short articles about the reminiscence of pop art in modern industrial design: the design of furniture, lighting, finishes and accessories for interior decoration. In the first article I’d like to present samples, particularly impressed me lately. They all belong to the world's leading brands, rich lush color palette, vivid pictorial metaphors and unexpected spatial forms.
For example, an amazing dresser Face and Stripes by Fornasetti
Kare Design Colorful Ibiza
Alessandro Mendini for Cappellini
Busnelli Fiocco

Kare Design Armchair with armrests CUCKO COLORE

The classic Bourgie Lamp with a beautiful new metalized finish by Ferruccio Laviani:

Cole& Son wallpapers

This visualization of the room for the boy - one of my recent projects (apartment on the street. Lobachevsky in Moscow). Here I used photo-wallpaper Mr. Perswall's Communication collection:

In the next note I'd like to show curious life-forms of pop-art or animalistic and human images as a life-breath of contemporary industrial design. Unexpected and vivid forms allow to see familiar object-space environment in a new way.
For example, the famous Moooi Horse Floor Lamp, Kartell Attila Table Stool, Animal Chair Collection by Maximo Riera, animalistic accessories from BoConcept, Lampade Manichino by Bizzotto, Vitra House Bird, Vondom Flowerpot Adan, Nemo armchair by Driade, Mariposa by Zanotta, ect.

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