Monday, February 14, 2022

Glass blocks and glass bricks in architectural and interior designs / Part 1

I always admire by glass blocks and transparent glass bricks in architectural designs. They absolutely magic light transmitting and diffusing properties which create a feeling of a wonderful radiant dream from childhood, senses of playing living light as the universal expression of the eternal moving and birth of the Infinite One Light.
Glass bricks and blocks are widely used in building facades, in vintage, loft interiors and industrial projects as windows and walls in residential applications in showers, partition walls, and windows and so on.
"Gustave Falconnier patented the first hollow glass block in 1886. These glass bricks, or “briques de verre” were blown into a mold and had a hollow center with an open hole at the end. That was then filled with a plug. Owens-Illinois Glass Company first introduced their glass block to the American public in 1933 at the Chicago Century of Progress Exhibition. They did so by constructing the Owens-Illinois Glass Block Building. It was made entirely of glass block - nearly 25,000 of them. It was a temporary structure built for the Horticultural Exhibition. Glass block quickly became popular as a building material in the 1930s and 1940s. Most buildings that utilized it were of the Streamline Moderne or Art Deco styles." /
History of Glass Block in Architectural Design /
These are some of my favorite projects on the subject of glass blocks and glass bricks, among them: Glass-block Micro House by Hana Abdel, Alvaro Siza Vieira and Carlos Castanheira, Fernando Guerra, W. G. Clark designs, Jun Murata, Renzo Piano, Luigi Roselli Architects, WAY Studio, Archismith Architects Designs, TB.D Studio, Seves Glass Block and so on.

May your life be full of light and harmony!


Inspiration of Seves Glass Block: Global Leader in Glass Block Manufacturing. Seves is globally recognized as the industry leader in glass block manufacturing offering thousands of individual glass block patterns, colors, sizes /

May your life be full of light and harmony!

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