Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Lighting in interior design: modelling of shapes and construction of architectural space with different types of lighting. Part Two.

I return to the previous theme about lighting in architectural space and interior design. This is a continuation of the illustrative series of the previous topic.
Lighting is the most important aspect of interior design as it a unique way to visual creates and transformation of construction of architectural space and architectural elements. Lighting is a primary instrument to influence the human physical perception and feelings. Perception of natural lighting of the Sun, geographical and daily position of the Sun, cloudy weather or even the Moon are deeply in the nature of human. Using natural lighting possibilities with combine of artificial light sources provide an aesthetic appeal and create the mood and ambiance of space. Using different types of lighting is like a script in cinema and theatrical productions. Lighting provides an opportunity to create an optical changes of physical elements of basic architectural construction and even optical illusions.
So I would like to share some samples of modern solutions of lighting, art light installations and minimalist interiors whitch I particularly like. Among them: Jeremy Rambles, Tokujin Yoshioka, Daniel Arsham, Alex Mustonen, Nicolas Dorval-Bory, Sako Architects, Hiroyuki Oki, Frank Lloyd Wright, Peter Kogler, Mischa Kuball, Rutger van de Steeg, Siemon and Salazar, Guillaume Richard, Olafur Eliasson, Simeon Nelson and so on.
Maybe some of this illustrations could be inspiration for your new projects too ))

Tokujin Yoshioka - Rainbow Church installation

Snowflake Installation for Kartell Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka

Snow by Tokujin Yoshioka

The Gate by Tokujin Yoshioka

Gallery of Gloriette

COS have collaborated with Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen of snarkitecture to create a cavernous retreat, comprising thousands of paper thin fabric sheets hanging at various lengths from the ceiling.

Gia Lai House / Vo Trong Nghia Architects

The “Cube Tube” office and restaurant building was developed by Sako Architects within the economic development zone of Jinhua, China.

Systems of Romance 2012 algorithmic and modular sculpture and video by Simeon Nelson

Seashore Library - Minimalissimo

Nicolas Dorval-Bory Architectes — MALI museum

Peter Kogler “Next”, ING Art Center, Brussel

Loong Swim Club in Suzhou, China.

Gösta Serlachius Museum / Finland / 2014

Federation Square - Peter Clarke Photography

Weird Ways to Light Up Your Life

Modern Foyer Chandelier, Hand Blown Glass by Siemon and Salazar

“You never know where you will see the light”

"KUKAN" - The Invention of Space | Panasonic at Milano Salone

Art by Rutger van de Steeg

Dystophoria: INSTALLATION: Mischa Kuball

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