Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Asian Stylistics in modern interior design: finishing materials and carpets of Asian Style

The Finishing materials and carpets of Asian Style is a continuation of the of the theme related to the Original elements of Asian Style and Mood in interior design and Asian Stylistics in modern interior design: original elements of Asian Style and Mood. I wrote about that the Asian theme could be understood and interpreted broadly in context of interior design. Primarily it is the easten philosophical reflection and specific organization of living space with original characteristics and attributes. Asian stylistic in interior lighting and accessories may be presented in different ways, such as existence of authentic objects in contemporary interior: products of decorative and applied arts, antique things, modern handcraft and artisanal products from spesific Asian regions. But to my mind, more interesting direction is the author’s understanding of Asian artistic phylosophy and its individual interpretation in the context of modern industrial design. Many of famous mainstream furniture manufactures have a group of products with explicitly marked of Asian spirit. Here is some examples of original interior lighting and accessories with asian style from famous manufacturers and designers like Jurgen Dahlmanns, Alexander McQueen, Nanjing Schumacher, Alexander Henry, Robert Allen, Osborne & Little, Vannina Bacquere, The Rug Company, Thibaut, Boatman Geller, Ralph Lauren and so on.

Japanese Toile fabric By Vannina Bacquere

Robert Allen Neo Toile Cove fabric

Pagoda Garden Wallpaper by Thibaut, Jane Clayton

Indian Arbre in Hyacinth by Schumacher

Alexander Henry Indochine Woodcut Geisha fabric

Osborne & Little Celestial Dragon Wallpaper

Nanjing Schumacher Fabric in Porcelain

Ralph Lauren Medallion Pattern in Blue and White

Ralph Lauren Koi Indigo fabric

Ralph Lauren Chinese Pattern in Blue and White with stylized flowers, leaves and Chinese dragons

Ralph Lauren Nanjing Damask Onyx fabric

New Chinoiserie Fabric from Schumacher "Chang Mai"

Alexander Henry Indochine Four Seasons Indigo Fabric

Osborne & Little Derwent Wallpaper

Alexander McQueen Carpet for the The Rug Company

Jurgen Dahlmanns Grand Theater

Jurgen Dahlmanns Original Round Carpet

Boatman Geller Pagoda Garden Navy Folded Notes

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