Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Original Contemporary Mirrors: Suprematism Mirrors

The previous article was dedicated to the Original Contemporary Mirrors and now i would like to introduce Contemporary Suprematism Mirrors. Some time ago I wrote about the Suprematist ideas of contemporary furniture design and interior decoration as well.
If you try to discover a new source of inspiration or look for awesome modern mirror for your projects you may use this post with a great number of Original Contemporary Mirrors: wall-mounted, round and square mirrors, free-form, strict and funny mirrors, mysterious and elegant. Among them Ginger & Jagger, Theodore Alexander, Reflections Copenhagen, LAS:Laser Art Style, Roche Bobois, Moustache, Sovet Italia, Ideas Group, Ginger & Jagger, Arkof Labodesign, Gallotti&Radice, Novel Cabinet Makers and so on.

LAS:Laser Art Style: Square wall-mounted framed mirror

Reflections Copenhagen: Nouveau 70, Round wall-mounted mirror

The octagon Mirror by Moustache, Design by Clara von Zweigbergk

Wall-mounted framed mirror Fragments by Ginger & Jagger

Notre Monde M Mirror

Theodore Alexander Four Mirror

Nielsen Mirror by Hamilton Conte Paris

Gary Wall-mounted mirror by Marioni

Gallotti&Radice Black&White Beat

Marble Mirror Vanity by Rossato Arredamenti design by Hangar Design Group

Otto Mirror by YDF

Reflection Triangle by Novel Cabinet Makers

Tonin Casa Imperia Mirror

Wall-mounted mirror Mirallmar by BD Barcelona Design

Emerald Magnum Mirror by Cattelan Italia

Roche Bobois Merlin Mirror

Round Mirror by Arkof Labodesign

LAS:Laser Art Style Mirror

Mirror Sculpture by Kristina Dam Studio

Gallotti&Radice Dream Mirror

Dioscuri Mirror By Riflessi

Beleuchtung Diamond by Ideas Group

Specchio City Life Riflessi

Segment Round Mirror by Sovet Italia

Round Mirror by Sovet Italia Design by Lievore Altherr Molina

Mirrors by Sovet Italia

Marco Mirror by ICI ET LÀ

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