Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Mood of Vampires: Gothic accessories and interior accents

Gothic style in interior design never goes out of fashion as well. Gothic accessories and interior accents are first and foremost medieval ornaments like on various Ancient Buildings in England, Germany and France from the XIth. to the Beginning of the XVIth., original school of book miniatures, that made a big contribution to the treasury of the world art culture, ornaments and design of decorative and applide art; baroque style and Empire. Gothic accessories and interior accents are also color and shape: black and red, dramatic and gloomy tints, gothic and baroque ornaments, gold and patina, silk and velvet, leather and natural wood, antiq and terrible view, vampire style, shapes of classic and moden experimental organic shapes, powerful  and elegant forms. Here is some examples of gothic and vampire accessories and interior accents from famous manufacturers and designers like Maison Valentina, Lalique, Brabbu, Francesco Molon, Curated Kravet, Horchow, Arteriors, Uttermost, Roberto Giovannini, Mis en Demeure, Scarlet Splendour and so on.
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Arteriors - Mariposa Small Box

Lalique Tourbillon Black Vase

Backgammon Masque - Lady Tina Green for Lalique Maison

Francesco Molon Mirror

Wall mirror Francesco Molon New Empire

Uttermost Siana Decorative Red Vases

Brabbu Belize

Lalique Ispahan Red Crystal Vase

Uttermost Regency Villa Tesio Red Wall Clock

Uttermost Esa Tabletop Decor

Curated Kravet Par Ombre Vase

Scarlet Splendour Napoleon

Diamond Bathtub from Maison Valentina

Floor mirror Francesco Molon New Empire

Roberto Giovannini Mirror

Mis en Demeure Clock Gold d.110

Koi by Maison Valentina

Horchow Porcupine Quill Mirror

Koi Bathtub by Maison Valentina

Symphony Washbasin by Maison Valentina

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  1. All gothic accessories are looking so good, I'm also looking for the these kinds of accessories. Keep posting such posts...