Thursday, January 12, 2017

ECO style in interior design: lighting

Ecostyle (ecological) in interior design is a new trend which becomes an increasingly popular every day. And there are some reasons: return of fashion of natural-style things and increased attention for health and life-safety. A wide range of furniture and lighting created under the theme of wildlife and nature are made of ecological materials (wood, handmade paper, stone, wool, linen, cotton, rattan, straw, bamboo, bark, cork, pebble, sand, "classic" metals like cooper, bronze, leather, branches, corals, roots), using natural shapes, decors and colors associated with wildlife (sky, sea, ocean, rivers and water, animals and plants, rocks, mountains, sun and so on). Alongside traditional materials are used a modern components and materials such as synthetic materials, new composite materials, synthetic resin, plexiglass, polymers, blended fabrics and so on. So let's look at some examples of eco style lighting which you can use in your own modern interior projects. Below you can find a lot of aesthetic eco-friendly lighting from famous producers and designers: Martinelli Luce, Serip, Roxy Russell, Jacov Douenias and industrial designer Ethan Frier, Ross Gardam, Sylcom, Scabetti, Officina Luce, Adam Hoets, Willowlamp, John Pomp Studios, David Trubridge Design, Mattress Factory, Pieter Adam, Pierre Ardouvin, Maxim Velčovský and Lasvit, Moth Design, Karman, Ochre, Northern Lighting, Namuh Studio, Arketipo, Namuh Studio, Mcmaster, LZF, Arteriors Home, Marcelo Dabini & Nadia Corsaro, Plume, Alessandro Zambelli, Matteo Ugolini, Aqua Creations, Animal Farm, Rakumba, Eichholtz,  Dark At Night, Miguel Arruda, Bover Barcelona Lights, Cattelan, Ligne Roset, Angelo Lelli, Arredoluce Grande, Rene Barba and so on. To understand more on this interesting subject, you can watch my previous article "ECO style in interior design: furniture".

Karman Adamo

Scabetti Collections Glass Shoal Pendant

Bleu Nature Egee Drifted Floor Lamp

Authentic David Trubridge Coral Pendant Lights

Pendant lamp in wood Isabel by Marcelo Dabini & Nadia Corsaro

Lighting by John Pomp Studios

Roll and Hill Superordinate Antler Chandelier

Aqua Creations Apaya Lamp

Officina Luce Flow

Aqua Creations Limited number of Morning Glory floor lights in dark green

“Living Things” by Pittsburgh Mattress Factory

Aqua Creations Rotini

Plume Accent Lamp - Creamy White

Cattelan Bolero

Koura Pendant Light by David Trubridge

Mcmaster Iris Floor Lamp

Pieter Adam Le Soleil

The artist’s behind “Living Things,” architectural designer Jacov Douenias and industrial designer Ethan Frier

Frozen Lamp by Maxim Velčovský and Lasvit

Eichholtz Wall Lamp Las Palmas

New Snowflake Paint Pendant from David Trubridge Design

Wood Lamp Muuto

Cattelan Artic

Chandelier by Angelo Lelli for Arredoluce Grande

Cell by Matteo Ugolini

Mcmaster Iris Pendant Light

Martinelli Luce Trilly

Karman M615-EXT

The Medusa Collection of hanging lights by Roxy Russell

Moth Design Kiki Sconce

Serpente Table Lamp by Elio Martinelli for Martinelli Luce

Viper Ball Pendant Series Rakumba

Enchanted Faraway Tree by Adam Hoets Willowlamp

Ochre Seed Cloud Chandelier

Serip CT3229

Willowlamp Mandala

Afillia by Alessandro Zambelli

Scabetti Cibola Light

Northern Lighting Norwegian Forest

Ligne Roset Paper Lamps by Rene Barba

Bover Barcelona Lights

Amphora Floor Light by Bover Barcelona Lights

Captain cork s by Dark At Night from Miguel Arruda

Svoya Studio Snop

Lucente Arum

Mcmaster Cocoon Pendant

Sylcom 2520

Linden Floor Lamp by Arteriors Home

Arketipo Wudu

Aqua Creations Simon Says

Wooden Pendant Lamp Balero by Namuh Studio

Oak by Ross Gardam

Bing Bunch - Resident Lighting

Belle & Beau Lighting from David Trubridge

Swarm Walnut Lights by Animal Farm

Cement pendant lamp Hormigon by Namuh Studio

LZF Cactus

Martinelli Luce Bowl

Pierre Ardouvin Tout est Affaire de Décor

Original design chandelier by Willowlamp

Original design chandelier by Adam Hoets - Willowlamp

Bamboo Navicula by David Trubridge Design

Dome Lamp by Benedetta Tagliabue for Bover


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