Monday, October 17, 2016

Hunting Lodge of the Park Ensemble "Maryino" of Prince Bariatinsky

The Palace Park Ensemble "Maryino" of Prince Bariatinsky, Kursk region, also commonly known as a sanatorium (Property Management Department of President of Russian Federation). The Federal state budgetary institution "The sanatorium Maryino" is under the supervision of the Property Management Department of President of Russian Federation and a capital construction object in accordance with Presidential Decree 541, issued on October 29, 2015. I’ve written previously about restoration, interior design and decoration of high-grade hotel apartments and public zones of the Palace and also about small architectural forms of the Park Ensemble "Maryino". You can see more information by tags "the Park Ensemble "Maryino" and "Maryino Palace" (shortcuts at the bottom of the screen). The Hunting Lodge has been built in the Park Ensemble "Maryino" of Prince Bariatinsky on coastal river zone. It's also the guesthouse. It designed in classical traditions with timber (wooden frame) in Russian national style and decorated with natural wood and stone, interesting and rich hunting trophies, stuffed, horns and so on. Design, reconstruction and restoration works were carried out by PROF PROJECT which included the architectural department and the planning-and-design office under the head of Solovieva A.V. as a project manager and an architect.

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