Monday, August 8, 2016

Green color in color palette of interior designer/ Зелёный цвет в палитре дизайнера интерьера

From time to time I publish posts concerned with color palette in interior design. I've already published three notes about achromatic colors including "Colorpalette of interior designer: let's say... white!""Grey color ininterior designer color palette" and "Black color in color palette ofinterior designer", "Red color in color palette of interior designer", "Violet tints in interior design" and "Yellow color...". And now I’d like to take green palette of colors, which tints are well known as emerald, aquamarine, forest natural color palette like dark green of needle wood, light green, mint, olive green, pistachio green, tea green and other brownish-green or greenish-purple or yellowish-green, golden green, blue-green and so on, malachite green, jasper, and jade, green agate, bright green garnet, translucent jadeite, chrysolite, green tourmaline etc.
Let me demonstrate some beautiful pieses of green furniture and accesories among them Koket, O.H. Sjögren, Harlequin, Eichholtz, Poliform, Safavieh, Moooi, Moroso, Bla Station, Finn Juhl, Curated Kravet, Cosmo, Roche Bobois, Emporium Home, Versace, Andromeda etc.

Moooi Cloud Couch

Nessa Chair by Koket

Poliform Mad Chair

Finn Juhl Poet Sofa

Madeira in Vanilla Art Glass. Moroccan Glass Tile by Edgewater Studios

Sherrill Living Room One Cushion Sofa 3252

Bla Station Oppo

Louis XV upholstered armchair Pont-Aven Nouveaux Classiques Collection by Roche Bobois

Curated Kravet Delfine Sofa

Gem Table Lamp by Koket

Earth Armchair Brabbu

Eichholtz Table Lamp Carnegie

Take A Soft Line For A Walk Chair by Moroso

Finn Juhl Pelikan Chair

Roche Bobois Quadrille

Sofa Round Samsas and Armchair by O.H. Sjögren

Andromeda Sublime

Harlequin Kallianthi 110152

Brabbu Rukay Armchair

Versace Moliere

Emporium Home Mona Chair

Safavieh Mae Long Neck Ceramic Table Lamp

Cosmo Trame Easy Armchair

Nomad by Anar Davaasambuu

Koket Besame Chair

Versace Dubai Rooms

A.S. Création Schöner Wohnen

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