Friday, June 3, 2016

Interior design of Presidential Suite of the Bariatinsky Palace (Modern Vision of interiors)

The previos articles was dedicated to restoration of interior design and their decoration for high-grade hotel apartments and public zones of The Palace Park Ensemble "Maryino" of Prince Bariatinsky, Kursk region. From the begining of XXI century The Palace Park Ensemble "Maryino" has been a sanatorium (Property Management Department of President of Russian Federation). The Federal state budgetary institution "The sanatorium Maryino" is under the supervision of the Property Management Department of President of Russian Federation and a capital construction object in accordance with Presidential Decree 541, issued on October 29, 2015. Design, reconstruction and restoration works were carried out by PROF PROJECT which included the architectural department and the planning-and-design office under the head of Solovieva A.V. as a project manager and an architect. The first article represented a reconstruction of the historical interiors adapted for the current use for the lux rooms of The Maryino Palace. The second article shows a new modern version of the lux rooms built upon a combination of timeless modern furniture with historical classic wall and ceiling decoration. And the third article demonstrates alternative proposals for the interior design of lux rooms of The Maryino Palace: the shape and mood of the furniture gravitates to the Contemporary Classic Interior Design inspired by the Modern English and American Classic Style.
And the present article dedicates to the interior design of Presidential Suite of The Bariatinsky Palace. It's a modern vision of interiors. The shape and mood of the furniture is clearer and lighter then sophisticated forms of traditional classic historical furniture. Like in case with designing of the lux apartments, the Presidential Suite of the Bariatinsky Palace has a traditional restoration version of interiors with preserved samples of classic furniture and lighting. Unfortunately all parts of the interior were not survived through the ages since the Prince Bariatinsky. A lot of unique and beautiful items of furniture and lighting were lost during the Great October Socialist Revolution and the Civil War and World War II. And they were lost during the Soviet era as well.
The second version of interior design of the Presidential Suite of the Bariatinsky Palace is a modern fusion-design concept. We preserved excellent historical architectural environment which includes marble fireplaces, antique mouldings and plaster, old oak parquette and beautiful swing doors. On the floor of the Presidential Suite artistic parquet made of precious wood was stoved. Warm honey and amber colors of wooden elements and gold accents with complementary deep contrast with cool colors: deep blue, aquamarine, the Nile water, mint and grey. Silk wallcovering with modern pearl-grey pattern is supplemented by very light mint wall paint. We obliged to preserve some specific chandeliers of the soviet age with easy recognizable visual symbology. Antique elements combine with luxury fashionable modern furniture and decoration: Donghia Hudson Loveseat, Christian Liaigre AspreSofa, Longhi rugs, Ginza Coffee table by Longhi, Koi Tableby Brabbu, Galimberti Nino Audrey, Jean de Merry furniture, Baker furniture, Reflex Angelo Living Room furniture, Philippe Starck Marie Coquine floor lamp, Holly Hunt and Regina Andrew lighting, Wood Tailoring by Farg and Blanche, Angelo Cappellini Opera Contemporary furniture, Delightfull lighting, Arte Veneziana, Nazca walnut sideboard by Brabbu, Caracole furniture and many others.
In the second publication on interior design of the Presidential Suite of the Bariatinsky Palace we are going to show the third vision of interiors: a respectable traditional modern-classic style with expensive reputable samples of furniture and lighting and courageous and calm mood.

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