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Wondrous wood (amazing wooden furniture, lighting, accessories and so on)

Timber and wood products were most spread type of construction materials and artistic material of all human history; religious and secular buildings, temples, fortress, altars and religious items, idols, weapon, dishes, tools, wooden furniture and lightings, art objects (sculptures, reliefs, ornamental decor, jewelry etc.). We are always surrounded by wooden objects, the interaction and synergy between human and wood is a foundational principle of generation of human knowledge to overcome and explore the nature and in development of human civilization from prehistoric times up to now. Almost all cultures and civilizations had its different patterns of wooden architecture, decorative art, household items, weapons and so on. Every sort of wood has its own personality, character and look. Every pattern of wood has its own endless variety of drawing and color. Rich and vivid wooden textures are great source of creativity inspiration. We may say that wood has its own face, soul, character and behavior. Wooden material is excellently combined with any other material like stone, glass, metal, fabric, leather, bone, rattan, plastic and so on. Some "physiognomy" of utilitarian wooden object is defined by delicate rings of a tree and gently light color with nuance of drawing. Other objects have strong and clear wooden drawing, very bright color and vivid structure. In other words, some wooden furniture is based on decorative contrast and some objects are created on decorative nuance: some wooden furniture are rough and brutal, but the other one has a light spirit and elegance nuance design. Both approaches are incredibly interesting. In this article I would like to show interesting original wooden furniture and lighting, among these Chista, Cattelan Italia, Stilsucht, Nellcote Studio, Carl Hansen, Riva 1920, Nellcote Studio, Marcelo Dabini & Nadia Corsaro, Jānis Straupe, Bernhardt Design, Bleu Nature, Hudson Furniture, Vitra, Stilsucht Trumpet, Dialma Brown, Alcarol New Visions, Fabbian, John Hutton, Andrew Martin, Architectmade Wooden Birds, Enne Groove chair, Constantin by Andrea Claire Studio, Vitamin, Marc Newson Wood Chair for Cappellini, Alcarol Undergrowth New Visions, Rich Brilliant Willing Clinker Table, Chair Electron by Konstantin Achkov, Greg Klassen, Lzf, Bizzotto, Fredrik Färg, Lazy Susan Usa, Bente Hovendal Woodnwonder Furniture, BD Barcelona Design, Dwell Studio, Davide G Aquini, Giorgetti, Leif Design, BoConcept, Sean Dare, Emporium Home, Teak House, Flexform, Eichholtz, Cassina, Arteriors Home, Stefan Gulassa, Tehila Guy, Kathy Kuo, Jean-Pierre Martz, Paul Loebach, Max Lamb, Merel Karhof and so on.

Nellcote Studio Never Ending Spiral of Light - Walnut

Jānis Straupe Сommode

The Dream Chair by Carl Hansen

Bernhardt Design Anne Chair by Ross Lovegrove

Hudson Furniture Dipped Desk

Hudson Furniture Divan Sofa

Boss Block by Maurizio Riva, Davide Riva - Riva 1920

Stilsucht Trumpet

Cattelan Italia Rio

Dialma Brown Belief

Alcarol New Visions

Stone Slice Tables by Chista

Bleu Nature Nilleq Acrylic Coffee Table With Metal Base

Nellcote Studio Cambure Globe Large

Andrew Martin Bertrand Log Coffee Table

Stilsucht Sophie

Fiji Stool and Coffee table, design by Terry Dwan for RIVA 1920

Architectmade Wooden Birds

Cattelan Italia Nasdaq

Chista Landscape Mir Bench

Enne Groove chair

Pendant lamp Clarissa by Marcelo Dabini & Nadia Corsaro

Constantin by Andrea Claire Studio

Pendant lamp in wood Lora by Marcelo Dabini & Nadia Corsaro

Chair Electron by Konstantin Achkov

Marc Newson Wood Chair for Cappellini

Von Frank Gehry Low Table Set by Vitra USA

Fabbian F23 Stick

Garden Olympus by John Hutton Sutherland, teak wood

River Entry Table by Greg Klassen

River Console Table by Greg Klassen

Cedar Lake Table by Greg Klassen

Lzf Cactus-M

Vitra Plywood Group LCW Chair

Bizzotto Sidney Table

Layer Armchair by Fredrik Färg

Rich Brilliant Willing Clinker Table

Taffee by Carlo Leonardo Rosa for Riva 1920

Barcelona Design Wooden Object

Two Solid Wood Stools from Riva 1920

Teak Wood Mirror Set by Lazy Susan Usa

Contemporary Lounger Armchair by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona Design

Books Stools by Riva 1920

Dwell Studio Gate Armoire

Pagliòlo Collection by Davide G Aquini

Giorgetti Hug Armchair

 Hudson Furniture Faceted Console

Flower Cup Chair Walnut by Leif Design

BoConcept Table Occa

Ciba bowl by Latvian designer Jānis Straupe

Giorgetti Ling Coffee Table

Drone Table by Sean Dare

Alcarol Undergrowth New Visions

New Visions Alcarol

Emporium Home Cabochon Cream Chandelier

Flexform Gelsomina

Bricola by Alcarol

Eames stool by Vitra

Eichholtz Particulier Dining Table and Eichholtz Dining Bench

Arteriors Home Cartwright Mirror

Andrew Martin Camargo Rectangular Coffee Table

Cubed Tray by Sutherland Furniture Designed by Stefan Gulassa

Very Elegant Italian Antique Armchair - Walnut Bergère 18th Century

Anda Armchair by Tehila Guy

Sequoia Coffee Table by Cattelan Italia

Aubrey Cabinet by Andrew Martin

Suzanne Ripe Déco Chalet Tables

Kathy Kuo Wood Slat Bell

Pierre Sindre Button II Easy Chair

Great Camp Dresser by Paul Loebach

Low Round Solid Wood Coffee Table Kenobi by Riva 1920

Teak House Opium

Windworks Collection by Merel Karhof

Riva 1920 Mondana Table

Vitamin Launch the Cloak Pendant Lamp

Tube Chairs by Jean-Pierre Martz

511 Ventaglio Table by Cassina

Seating by Max Lamb

Hudson Furniture Marquis

Hudson Furniture Unique Wood End Table

Chista Landscape Diptych

Bente Hovendal Woodnwonder Furniture


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