Monday, September 22, 2014

Color palette of interior designer: let's say... white!/ Цветовая палитра дизайнера интерьера: белый!

Sometimes working on interior we extremely need to add an essential detail, an accent, something like a figurative or conceptual gesture. Colors - is a "protagonist" of visual perception of humans. Occasionally we suffer hard trying to search for some aesthetically color or "colourless" (I mean achromatic color) details. Interior designer - is a real artist with own color palette. Every color in a context of interior become an element of semiotics conversation. Color is in combination with shape and style of dominant objects like a sentence of meta-visual language whitch can help to give all details of artistic conception of interior.
Sometimes we use strict and evident colors, sometimes delicate and soft, sometimes simple or complicated colors, easy like motes or saturated like an ocean, delicious and emotional or chaste style colors and so on. For example: bright pink and dazzling mediterranean blue or champagne, dusty rose with olive brown pastel and dusty green, soft celadon green etc.

Let me demonstrate some notes which help in your creative work and experiments. They will contain wonderful samples of furniture, lighting, accents and other elements of visual language of interior designing (various styles).

So, let's start! Today let's say... white! )) White is really the most common color. We widely used white furniture and accessories (white objects) in our work. Everybody knows that white color produced by the combination of all colors of visible spectrum. It's a "well of life" for all tints, magic artistic instrument absorbing or giving birth every other color. Personally, I associate white color with radiation in evolution of the Early Universe in context with The Big Bang cosmology theory. About 379,000 years after the Big Bang and start expansion of the Universe radiation decoupled from matter. This event shocked me: the birth of the physical world; electrons and nuclei combined into atoms of hydrogen and radiation continued through space unimpeded (relic radiation).
But let us return to the question where we started. The white color is an "ideal" color as a synthesis color. It's associates with the daylight, the Other worlds, purity, innocence, harmony, peace, birth and so on. In Kabbalah the white color associates with pleasure, happiness and absolution. In Indian tradition white is the color of Brahmins; they considered that Brahma was born in a white lotus. In Islam, white color belongs to Allah.

The white color - is a perfect background which at first sight can collect together scattered elements. On the other side a separate white accent can express particular idea, can be a joke in a game of artist and onlooker or be the final chord of a complex composition involving many figures.

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Oak Wardrobe by Dialma Brown

Lily Mirror Large by Oly studio

Collier Webb Adam's Sconce

Brabbu Hopi Dining Chair

Jonathan Adler Chippendale Armchair

Longhi Must Sofa

Bleu Nature Coffee Table

Brabbu Ottawa Sofa

Rider Bench and Rider Cocktail Table by Jonathan Adler

Curation Limited New Age Linen Chair

Andreu World silla zarina

Folkform Candle Collages

Vrille Ottoman by Holly Hunt

Thibault Lounge by Oly studio

Jean de Merry Diva Stool

Baker Jacques Garcia White Urne

Carmen sofa by Angelo Cappellini; Opera Contemporary collection

Loloey Carpet

Armchair Moon by Moroso

Uncle Jim by Kartell

Tonon Structure

Clinker Painted End Table by Rich Brilliant Willing

Tube Chair by Joe Colombo

Michael Yeung Mines Chair

7Gods Maki

Element of Lighting collection by 7Gods - Yatzer

Artecnica Icarus pendant lamp

Slamp Veli Prisma

Diesel Cage Rocket

Andromeda Lamp by Ross Lovegrove

Delightfull Suspension Matheny

Tazu Ceiling Light

Atomic suspension lamp Delightfull

Porca Miseria by Ingo Maurer

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