Thursday, March 21, 2013

Suprematist ideas of contemporary furniture design and interior decoration

Suprematism is a school of geometric abstractart, launched in Russia. Around 1914 russian artist Kazimir Malevich began to work in an abstract style, which he called Suprematism.It based on the principle that paintings should be composed only of rectangles, circles, triangles, or crosses. So the guiding principle of Suprematism was “the supremacy of pure sensation in creative art”. Malevich began by limiting himself in his Suprematist paintings to black, white, gray, and red, but he expanded his palette as his compositions became more complex. Malevich, like other artists of his time, believed that the external world could no longer serve as the basis for art, which had, instead, to explore pure non-objective abstraction in the search for visual analogues to experience, both conscious and unconscious.
Suprematist ideas and his poetry perfect geometry will never out of fashion. I'd like to show a number of fine examples of modern furniture and decor with the mood of Suprematism.

“Sit On My Doudoune” from Moncler

Minotti  Munch

 Geodesic Shade by Duffy london

Walter Knoll coffee table

Torno, side-tables. Designed by Stephan Veit. Manufactured by DRAENERT


Cole & Son wallpapers

PINTDECOR cofee table

Cassina Zig-Zag Chair by Gerrit T. Rietveld

Cassina, Red and Blue Gerrit Thomas Rietveld

Zanotta Remida by Fortunato Depero

Design side table by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld

Kiss from Fornasetti

Brabbu Canyon Screen


  1. I always try to apply this element with my design but I always fail. Maybe you can tell me some tips and advice.

    Net Curtain

    1. Could you please send me your questions an email? I'll try to help you any way I can ))

  2. Wondeful choice for your post :) I love Pixel Cabinet by, Cassina Zig-Zag Chair by Gerrit T. Rietveld and Buffet design par Le Corbusier, P. Jeanneret by
    Cassina :D